From: Involvement Center
Date: September 21, 2022
Subject: The Loop | September 21st

The Loop | Keeping student org leaders in-the-know
the loop SEPTEMBER 21, 2022

Hi First_Name!

Thank you to everyone who came to the Leadership Summit this week! We hope you learned lots of important information that you can take back to your orgs. If you have questions or need help throughout the year, you can always contact the Involvement Center or check out our online resources.

Keep reading the Loop each week for important announcements and updates.

Org Re-Registration Closes Monday, September 26th

Org re-registration closes this upcoming Monday, September 26th. Orgs must fill out the re-registration form on CONNECT. After completing the form, an officer agreement form will be emailed to officers and advisors that must also be completed. Orgs must also have sent at least one officer to the Leadership Summit. Information will be coming soon to orgs who did not have an officer attend on how to make up the Leadership Summit.

Secretary Agreement Form Fixed

There was a CONNECT issue where secretaries could not choose their position on the officer agreement form. This is now fixed. Secretaries should go back to their email with the link to the agreement form and now fill it out. If you are still having issues please email Nicole Eastman-Frazier

Meal Pack-A-Thon

The Meal Pack-A-Thon with Menomonie Rotary is Monday, October 10th in the MSC. Volunteer shifts are open to individuals, student orgs, and groups. If your org is planning to volunteer together, please have members sign up for the same time slots and indicate which org they are participating with.

For more information and to sign up, 
go here.

Event Attendance Tracking

All Student Org activities & events are required to be in CONNECT.
Attendance tracking is also required. Full event planning guidelines.

  • Remember to use your group name in events that are otherwise generically named (i.e. - meeting, practice, e-board, etc.)
  • In event settings - select "yes" you want registration open
  • In attendance tracking make sure you select "activiate multiple checkins" and "allow both at the same time"
  • Travel events are only outside of Menomonie
Other reminders:
  • When you make an event with an uniknown location remember to uncheck the "TBD" button when you enter a location
  • When you hosting an internal or practice just for your group unclick the "display on home page button"

Mentor Opportunity

Are you interested in being paired with a new student?  Adviement is looking for mentors sign up today.

Start Out Stout

Reminder to check in at events and do challenges to earn badges and win prizes now through 10/31/2023.

Top prizes are $50 gift cards.
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