Fitness Competition

April 11-15, 2022

Events Men | Women | Open
Strength Events** Deadlift
Bench Press
Pull Up
Cardio Events 1 Mile Run
500 Meter Row

**Wilks score will be used in strength events to take bodyweight into consideration, all participating in a strength event will be asked to have their body weight verified by a staff member, this information will not be shared publicly

Eligibility: Must be a current UW-Stout faculty, staff, or student (faculty/staff must have a UW-Stout Fitness Membership to use the facility)

When: Lifts can be completed and submitted anytime between April 11 and April 15 (we encourage athletes to submit their scores earlier to ensure they meet movement standards, videos may be retaken if they do not)

How: Submit your video (strength) or photo (cardio) to for verification; if stored on your One Driver, be sure you have granted access to to view

Cost: Free

Sign Up: Pick up a score card at the Health & Fitness Center front desk, by turning in your score card, you are officially signing up for the event (score card and video/photo submission do not need to be turned in at the same time, but both need to be submitted between April 11-15)

Event Overview

Celebrate you! The Fitness Competition is a test of strength, endurance, and cardiovascular abilities. Select one event or all seven events. We are excited to help you celebrate your personal fitness journey!

1. Pick up a score card at the Health & Fitness Center (room 53 Sports & Fitness Center) beginning April 11 or download at home
2. Complete your strength and/or cardio event between April 11-15
3. Document your event for verification - Video tape your best attempt for strength events or take a photo of your time/distance for cardio events (see below for guidelines)
4. Turn in your score card at the Health & Fitness Center front desk or email along with submissions
5. Submit your video and/or photo to 
6. Watch as our leaderboard grows!

Movement Standards

Below is a summary for each movement, for a full listing of standards and permitted equipment click here.

Back Squat

1. The hip crease must be below the knee at the bottom of the movement.
2. The hips and knees must fully open at the top with the barbell on the back.

Bench Press

1. When lowering the bar, it must touch the chest before returning to the top of the position.
2. At the top position the arms must be locked out.
3. Both feet & hips must remain in contact with the floor and bench at all times.


1. Hands must be placed outside of the legs.
2. Starting at the floor, the barbell is lifted until hips & knees reach full extension with shoulders behind the bar.
3. Arms must be straight throughout the lift.


1. Total distance is one (1) mile. 
2.Running may take place inside or outside.
3. Incline/resistance may be set at any level.

Pull Up

1. Hands must be placed outside the shoulders in a pronated grip.
2. Start from a dead hang and return to dead hang at the bottom of each rep.
3. At the top of the movement, the chin must come parallel or above the plane of the hands.


1. Row 500m on rowing machine.
2. The damper/resistance may be set at any level.

Submission Guidelines

Strength Events 
Squat - Bench Press - Deadlift - Pull Up

*Please be aware of your surroundings to try to avoid getting non-participants in your video

Cardio Events
Run and Row*Time elapsed and distance should be clearly shown on photos