University Dining Services Reusable Container Program

University Dining Services offers re-usable containers and cups to minimize the use of disposable dinnerware. Each student will be issued one reusable 9”x9” x 3.75” container and one 22 oz. reusable cup, fork, knife, and spoon, free of charge. At each meal, students can exchange all of their pieces and get another token for their next meal at a green to go drop off location.

Green to go drop of locations include - Commons cafeteria and North Point Mini-Mart.

Containers and cups may not be reused before being cleaned and sanitized by University Dining staff.

Students must return the container, cup and silverware after each use. Students will pay for their meals at the register, as if they were dining in and receive the re-usable mug for their beverage.

Failure to return a container, cup or silverware will result in a charge of $4.00 for the container, and $2.00 for the cup, and .50 per silverware the next time they dine.

Transact Mobile Ordering | Downloading the App

Recovery Meal Request

Submit through the Transact Mobile Ordering App. Recovery Meals are only for those on-campus students who are ill, quarantined or isolating. Recovery Meals are delivered to the door of the students room by Housing staff. Recovery Meals need to be ordered before specific times for prep and delivery. The student will be notified when the food has been delivered.

You can order multiple meals. If you want a breakfast meal you can order with a lunch or dinner delivery period the day before.

Lunch to be ordered by 11am. Delivery will be between noon and 1pm.

Dinner to be ordered by 3pm. Delivery will be between 4pm and 5pm.