Org Re-Registration

Required Annually

All recognized student organizations are required to re-register their organization annually. Organizations that do not successfully re-register their organization will lose all rights of being a recognized student organization.

2024 Re-Registration Dates | September 1 - September 30

The re-registration process has two parts.
1. Re-Register on CONNECT
2. Attend the Leadership Summit

Part 1 | Re-Register on CONNECT

Organizations must re-register their org on CONNECT between September 1st - September 30th.   All steps must be complete by September 30th or organizations will lose their rights as a recognized student organization.

Step 1 | Complete the re-registration form by September 30th.

Go to your  group page on CONNECT. You'll see a blue box notifying you to re-register. click "Group Re-Registration."

Review all of the content, answer the questions and click Submit.

Note: An officer MUST complete this - not the advisor. We recommend the President.

Step 2 | Confirm your Officer/Advisor Position

The President, Vice President, Treasurer and Advisor will receive an email with the subject "Group Approval: Please accept your officer position for (Your Org Name)"

Officers/Advisor must login to CONNECT, open the email, and click "Answer Form or Deny."

Step 3 | Review and Submit the Advisor/Officer Agreement.

Review all of the content within the Advisor/Officer Agreement Form. It is there to help educate you on the services available to you throughout the year.

Once done, hit Submit on the last page of the form. You're done!

Step 4 | Your re-registration is reviewed by the SSA

The Stout Student Association will review your re-registration request.  If there are any pieces missing, you will be contacted by the SSA Org Affairs Director.

All officers/advisors will be contacted if they don't complete the agreement form.

Group Re-Registration Notification

This is what will be displayed on your Group Page at the start of the org re-registration period.

Simply click the blue Org Re-Registration to begin the form.

Officer Confirmation Email

This is a sample of the email each officer/advisor will receive to confirm their position. The subject line will be "Group Approval: Please accept your officer position for (Your Org Name)"

Part 2 | Attend the Leadership Summit

Join us at the Annual Leadership Summit as we help your organization kick off the year. Network with other leaders and participate in breakout sessions that will help you grow as a leader.

All organizations are required to send at least one officer to the event, though more are welcome to attend.

September 16th, 2024
6:00 - 9:00 pm

Register here on Connect.

Students having fun at the annual Leadership Summit!

Questions? Get in touch.

SSA Organizational Affairs Director

Nicole Eastman-Frazier

Student Engagement Coordinator