Org Re-Registration

Required Annually

All recognized student organizations are required to re-register their organization annually. Organizations that do not successfully re-register their organization will lose all rights of being a recognized student organization.

2019 Re-Registration Dates | Monday, September 23rd - Wednesday, October 2nd

The re-registration process has two parts.

Part 1 | Re-Register on CONNECT

Organizations have ten days to re-register their org on CONNECT. The process opens up on Monday, September 23rd.  All steps must be complete by Wednesday, October 2nd at midnight or organizations will lose their rights as a recognized student organization.

Step 1 | Complete the re-registration form by October 2nd.

Go to your  group page on CONNECT. Starting on September 23rd, you'll see a blue box notifying you to re-register. click "Group Re-Registration."

Review all of the content, answer the questions and click Submit.

Note: Officers MUST complete this - not the advisor.

Step 2 | Each officer/advisor must confirm their position

The President, Vice President, Treasurer and Advisor will receive an email with the subject "Group Approval: Please accept your officer position for (Your Org Name)"

Officers/Advisor must login to CONNECT, open the email, and click approve.

Step 3 | Advisor must complete the org advisor agreement

The Involvement Center will email all advisors the Advisor Agreement form on CONNECT. Advisors must complete this annually.

Step 4 | Your re-registration is reviewed by the SSA

The Stout Student Association will review your re-registration request.

Group Re-Registration Notification

This is what will be displayed on your Group Page starting September 23rd. Simply click the blue Org Re-Registration to begin the form.

Officer Confirmation Email

This is a sample of the email each officer/advisor will receive to confirm their position. The subject line will be "Group Approval: Please accept your officer position for (Your Org Name)"

Part 2 | Attend the Leadership Summit

All orgs are required to send at least one (1) officer to the Leadership Summit annually, though more are welcome to attend!

Monday, September 23rd
6:00 - 9:00 pm
Great Hall, Memorial Student Center


Join us at the 8th Annual Leadership Summit as we help your organization kick off the year. Network with other leaders and participate in breakout sessions that will help you grow as a leader.

Students having fun at the annual Leadership Summit!

Questions? Get in touch.

Alex Serier

SSA Organizational Affairs Director

Krista Proksch

Advisor, Organizational Affairs Committee of the SSA