Past Events

September 29

Group Career Conference Reflection

After the first day of Stout's Career Conference, an event with over 125 companies who are looking to hire Stout students and alumni, upperclassmen shared their internship and career conference experiences to other members. This event was held in MSC Oakwood and also on our Discord channel.

MSC Oakwood and Discord

September 22

Virtual Information Session with Cigna!

Cigna, a global health service company, met virtually with our members to talk about the Technology Early Career Development Program (TECDP). Following the informative session, there was a Q&A where members asked insightful questions relating to Cigna and TECDP. This event was held over Webex Events (an online video conferencing app).

Cigna's Website

September 08

Backyard Bash 2020 LIVE

We kicked off the year with Stout's annual Backyard Bash, held virtually this year! Meeting new possible members and sharing what AMCS Women's Group is and does was a blast! This event was held over Connect and our Discord channel.

Connect and Discord

May 05

Senior Graduation Celebration!

To give our Seniors a proper send off, virtually, our members created a Minecraft world complete with a diploma ceremony (with AMCS approved certificates), graduation music, party decorations, virtual refreshments, fireworks, and more! This celebration was hosted over our Discord channel.


May 05

Dr. Wojciechowski's Virtual Discussion of Disease Modeling

Last meeting of the semester! Dr.Wojciechowski gave an informative and in-depth talk on disease modeling with COVID-19 being the primary example. The discussion was hosted over Microsoft Teams.

Discord and Microsoft Teams

April 28

Internship/Co-Op Q&A with our Seniors

Our seniors shared their experiences with past internships/ co-ops followed by an informative Q&A session. Topics discussed were internship locations, housing, college credits, general advice, and much, much more! This discussion was hosted over our Discord channel.


April 21

Dr. Skorczewski's Virtual Math Trivia Kahoot

Dr. Skorczewski created a math trivia Kahoot that attending members tested their math knowledge. Questions varied from solving math problems to knowing math movie knowledge! This discussion was hosted over Microsoft Teams.

Discord and Microsoft Teams

March 24, 31 - April 07, 14

Virtual Game Nights

These meetings were the first meetings to go virtual! During our meetings we played online games such as Jackbox Games,, Uno, and Minecraft, to name a few. These game nights were hosted over our Discord channel.


March 09

Stout's Women in STEM Panel and Meet and Greet

To celebrate Women's History Month, we collaborated with WITS, Stout's STEM staff, and UW-Stout to create the first ever "Women in STEM Panel and Meet and Greet." During this event UW-Stout hosted a panel of women identifying staff who discussed the opportunities and challenges of pursuing careers in STEM related fields. After the panel was a meet and greet between different STEM based clubs who support women in STEM as well as the panel participants and other event attendees. This event was held on UW-Stout's campus.

MSC Building, UW-Stout Campus

February 27

Stout Connects You STEM Festival

Our exec-board along with our club members attended Stout's annual "Stout Connects You STEM Festival." At this event our members interacted with middle school students, sharing past projects, information on our club, and informing them of the shortage of Women in STEM related fields (specifically Applied Mathematics and Computer Science). This event was held on UW-Stout's campus.

Jarvis Building, UW-Stout Campus

February 11, 25 - March 10

AMCS Women's Meeting/Study Night

These meetings were study nights! We ate snacks to fuel our brains while we studied for exams, worked on homework, group/individual projects, and assisted others in their work. These meetings were held on UW-Stout's campus.

UW-Stout Campus

Virtual Game Night

Senior Graduation Celebration

Women in STEM Panel

Game Night Meeting

Stout Connects You Festival

Game Night Meeting

Bowling Night