From: Involvement Center
Date: December 9, 2018
Subject: The Loop | Register for the Involvement Fair, Annual Budget Process and more...

Hi Student Org Leaders –

Welcome to your new student org newsletter, The Loop!  The Loop is meant to be a tool to help keep student org leaders “in-the-know” about all things in the org world (important deadlines, events, helpful resources, etc.).  It will be sent consistently throughout the year via CONNECT. 

Let’s get to it and keep you in The Loop!

  1. Register for the Involvement Fair
  2. Annual Budget Process Opens Soon
  3. Did you Transition Officers?
  4. Plan an Event Spring Semester for The Weekend Ticket
  5. Blanket Reservations Still being Accepted

Register for the Involvement Fair

Wednesday, January 23rd | 5:00 – 7:00 pm | Ballrooms and Great Hall

Register for a table  

Annual Budget Process & Deadline

Student orgs can soon apply for funding for 2019-2020.  Due to an upgrade in CONNECT that should make it more intuitive, it was slightly delayed.

Next week you should receive an email from the SSA Financial Affairs Director letting you know that the request process is open.  Information will also be shared about upcoming budget training sessions. 

The due date for all annual budget requests will be January 30th at Noon.

Did you Transition Officers?

Read on for some helpful resources.  Our website has a checklist to ensure a smooth transition as well as ideas for clarifying officer roles and sharing insight/knowledge with incoming and outgoing officers.

Weekend Programming during Spring Semester

Have you ever had an AMAZING program and had few folks attend? Have you ever wanted something fun and different to do on the weekend? If so, we have an opportunity for your student org!

We’ve chosen 3 weekends next semester to host some amazing programs called The Weekend Ticket.

  • January 25-27 | January Jubilee
  • February 15-17 | February Festivities
  • March 15-17 | March Mysteries

There is still room to add more events and we’re looking to you.  If your org would like to host a program that is open to the entire campus community and held in the MSC during those weekends in the MSC – we will offer you:

  1. Free Advertising
  2. Snacks and refreshments for your event
  3. Possible funding of event supplies (up to $200) 

If you are interested in hosting an event please email by the date(s) below:

  • To Host for the January weekend | December 14th at noon
  • To Host for the February weekend | January 8th at noon
  • To Host for the March weekend | February 8th at noon

We look forward to getting your orgs involved in The Weekend Ticket!

Blanket Reservations Still Being Accepted

Do you meet in the MSC? If so, make your blanket reservation for your spring semester meetings. Rooms are going quickly!