From: Involvement Center
Date: November 5, 2020
Subject: Campus Life Today | Thursday, November 5, 2020



Taco 'Bout it Tuesday | Art, Animation & Design

Tuesday, November 10
7:00pm - 8:00pm
Terrace, Memorial Student Center
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Let's taco 'bout it!

Meet others with similar interests! Each night will focus on a different topic to gather with others who share that same interest for some informal conversation and fun.

Blue Devil Market will be offering a taco special all day on Tuesday. Purchase yours to enjoy before or after the event (please no eating during the event).

Tuesday's topic | Art, Animation & Design



Outdoor Classroom Workshop

Thursday, November 5
3:00pm - 5:00pm
The Outdoor Classroom, 44 52 01 N,91 55 36 W
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As you all know, this weeks forecast is BEAUTIFUL, so Natural Areas Club (NAC) would like to take advantage of the sunshine and do some work on the outdoor classroom (located south of the baseball diamond, and just west of the Stout adventures outdoor rock wall and tightropes course) - If you need reference points, see the image above. We'll be working in the highlighted area.

Why??? The outdoor classroom is a beautiful area, but parts of it have succumb to invasive species, primarily buckthorn and honeysuckle. Therefore, to ensure the area stays healthy for future classes to come, we'd like to tackle the issue now before it becomes a bigger problem.

All nessacarily tools and equipment will be provided by NAC. We recommend participants wear long pants and sleeves.

The plan:
1. Meet @ the outdoor classroom @ 3:00pm. We're hoping to work ill about 5:00pm (2 hours for V-time for your resume)
2. We'll be cutting down Buckthorn and Honeysuckle, and dragging them into a pile. There they'll be cut into smaller, more manageable pieces.
3. An herbicide will be applied to the cut stumps to ensure the undesirable plants don't return.



Makers Night | Twine Gourds

Sunday, November 8
7:00pm - 9:00pm
The Terrace, Memorial Student Center
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Want a fun way to spice up your fall decor? Gather with other makers for a friendly evening of crafting! This month's activity is creating Twine Gourds! We have three ways you can take part in the event. Be sure to register and choose which one works best with you!

Option 1 | Register to attend in person with our limited capacity seating. We provide the supplies
Option 2 | Register and attend virtually; pick up your supplies from the Involvement Center before the event
Option 3 | Register and attend virtually; we will send you a supply list and you purchase your own supplies



Monday Meet Ups | Bullet Journaling

Monday, November 9
7:00pm - 8:00pm
Terrace, Memorial Student Center
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Gather every Monday night for a new activity to meet others, try something new and have fun! Students are encouraged to come solo to meet others or with a friend!

Tuesday's Meet Up | Bullet Journaling

Did you miss our bullet journaling workshop earlier this semester? We're hosting an adapted version of it again! Join us to learn all about bullet journaling, practice on your own, and take home your own journal!



Virtual Bingo

Wednesday, November 11
8:00pm - 9:00pm
Video Conferencing Link
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Join us for a friendly game of virtual bingo on select Wednesday nights this semester! Free prizes and fun!


Were you hired for a co-op or field experience?

Career Services will assist you in completing the registration process for your upcoming co-op or field experience! To begin, report your work experience to Career Services on CareerLink or call Career Services. Once you report your work experience, our office will provide you with directions on your next steps in the registration process.

Sponsored by: Career Services
For more information contact: Career Services

Thursday, November 5
Start End   Event         Location
8:00am 10:00pm Mask Free Zone Green Rooms 227 and 231 in the MSC
1:30pm 2:30pm Organizational Affairs Committee meeting Video Conferencing Link
2:30pm 3:30pm Sustainability Council Standing Committee Meeting Video Conferencing Link
3:00pm 5:00pm Outdoor Classroom Workshop The Outdoor Classroom
4:00pm 5:00pm Virtual Afternoon T Teams Link
4:00pm 5:00pm Equity, Diversity and Inclusivity Committee meeting Video Conferencing Link
5:00pm 6:00pm ASME Weekly Meeting TBD
5:00pm 6:00pm Running Club | Run TBD
5:30pm 7:00pm Taekwondo Practice Video Conferencing Link
6:00pm 7:00pm Ducks Unlimited | Meeting in MSC MSC Ballroom
6:00pm 8:30pm Auto Club Shop Night Auto Club House
6:00pm 8:00pm StoutCatholic Fellowship and Friends The Ministry
7:00pm 8:00pm Relay for Life sign up Ballroom A and B
7:00pm 9:00pm AMCS Women's Group Virtual Among Us Night Discord
7:00pm 9:00pm An-Bu | Magical Girl Video Conferencing Link
7:00pm 8:00pm FLIGHT Club Weekly Meeting! Merle Price Commons: Hay River Room
8:00pm 9:30pm BDP | Uncommon Denominator Great Hall
Difficult Conversations
9 Tips on Having a Difficult Conversation
  1. Drop the forewarning - By saying, “I need to talk to you about something important later,” will put someone who is defensive on the edge.

  2. Consider the purpose of your conversation before getting started - having a goal or purpose in mind will help you with getting your idea out.

  3. Don’t wait until the ‘perfect’ time - be okay with finding a reasonable time to talk while waiting could lead to it never actually happening.

  4. Practicing may help, but don’t practice for too long (days, weeks, or months) - this might make you more nervous that you have to recite word for word.

  5. Speak to them in private - no one else needs to hear and this way you don’t have to be worried what other people will think.

  6. Stick to one topic - going off the rail will cause confusion and difficulty in discussing the one thing you wanted to talk about.

  7. Process the other person’s response without becoming defensive - if they listen to what you have to say, you should do the same.

  8. Ask questions to ensure that you understand

  9. Ask them to repeat what they heard and clarify any inaccuracies

UW-Stout Counseling Center
410 Bowman Hall (Clocktower Building)
Office: 715-232-2468   Hours: 8AM-4:30PM

We are currently providing Telehealth services via Microsoft Teams to virtually meet with Stout students.  As always, these sessions are confidential and at no additional cost to enrolled students. You can schedule an appointment by calling the above office number.

Check out the following for more information on ways to have a great semester

Emergency and Crisis Resources:
Call 911 if you are experiencing an emergency. Other mental health crisis options that are available 24/7 include:
  • Northwest Connections: 1-888-552-6642 (local area, Western WI)
  • ÔÇïÔÇïÔÇïÔÇïÔÇïÔÇïÔÇïÔÇïÔÇïÔÇïÔÇïÔÇïÔÇïÔÇïNational Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 1-800-273-8255