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Date: May 5, 2023
Subject: Campus Life Today | Friday, May 5, 2023

FRIDAY, MAY 5, 2023

School of Art and Design Senior Show

School of Art & Design Senior Show

Friday, May, 5th | 6 - 9pm  Location: Applied Arts Building

Capstone projects by approximately 100 graduating seniors will be on display, providing a chance to talk with the artists and designers. See projects in various art and design disciplines, such as animation, video production, graphic, game, interior, and industrial, along with studio art, such as drawing, sculpture, metals, and printmaking.

Sponsored by: UW-Stout School of Art and Design For more information contact: Dave Beck 715-232-1287 Learn More

calculators and a donation box

Donate Calculators

Help other students in Math classes next year. Donate your old calculator so future students can use it! If you won't be needing it in the future - drop it by the University Library! We will make it available to students to use next year. Looking for scientific and graphing calculators to meet demand at exam time. Donation box in Library lobby during finals. Thank you! Sponsored by: University Library For more information contact: Susan Lindahl More Information

a piece of mail beign snagged by a fishing hook

Phishing Friday: Attention to Detail

When reviewing emails, ensure professional writing is used with accurate grammar, as well as an email signature with an individual’s name, title, and contact information.     Be cautious when receiving emails with poor writing and do not to click on links or provide personal information. Legitimate organizations or businesses communicate professionally and do not ask for sensitive information through email.    Sponsored by: Learning and Information Technology For more information contact: Heidi Catlin More Information

Minority Student Research Support Opportunity for Summer

Check out a Minority Student Research opportunity offering $500-$3,000 to students conducting mentored research this summer. Requirements include 3.0 GPA, enrollment in a listed STEM major, U.S. citizenship, and ethnic/racial heritage of at least 1 of the following: African American, Native American, Alaskan Native, Hispanic/Latino/a/x, Native Hawaiian or Pacific Islander. 

Sponsored by: Office of Research and Sponsored Programs For more information contact: Chris Bendel More Information

films available for stream on the University Library's Website

Feature Stream: Earth Days

Did you know you can watch movies for free with your university library access? Watch Earth Days by following the blog link Sponsored by: University Library For more information contact: Zach Weekes

Celebration Bell Honoring Graduates

The bells will ring in celebration of the Spring and Summer 2023 Graduates on Saturday, May 6th at 12:05 p.m. for the College of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics, 4:05 p.m. for College of Arts and Human Sciences and 6:35 p.m. for the Graduate School.

Sponsored by: Commencement For more information contact: Britta Miller

Friday, May 5
Start End   Event         Location
8:00am 4:30pm Snack Attack, Study Shack Bowman 310
9:00am 4:30pm Graduate Recognition Open House Bowman 310
9:00am 4:00pm MSS: Snack, Crackle Pop! (Drop By Anytime 9am-4pm) 132 Price Commons, MSS Office
9:05am 10:00am Honors Contract Club 430E Stout Library
12:00pm 5:00pm Men's Baseball TBD
4:00pm 5:00pm Comic Creators Weekly meeting. TBD
Saturday, May 6
8:00am 12:00pm Kappa Lambda Betas Flower Sales Fundraiser Outside of the Johnson field house
12:00pm 5:00pm Men's Baseball TBD
5:00pm 8:00pm Women's Softball TBD
Stout Proud Friday
students walking the runway at the WEAR 2023 Fashion Show

"WEAR were you this weekend? The WEAR 2023 Fashion Show was held this past Saturday in the Great Hall. The runway was filled with so many outstanding creations. Check some of them out!"

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