From: Involvement Center
Date: July 24, 2020
Subject: LOOP - Fall Org Updates

Friday, July 23rd

Hello Student Org Leaders -

We are so glad to be connecting with you all again.  We appreciate all the efforts you made as leaders last spring and are here to support you in getting ready for fall.  Our Involvement Center staff has been examining new, and innovative ways to assist your organization in being successful this fall.  In next few weeks leading up the start of the year, please watch your email for continued updates in the LOOP about topics like: org meetings, event planning, org re-registration and the Backyard Bash. 

It is important that you read these emails carefully as we will be sharing detailed plans and guidelines that will impact your organizations.  You can always find past issues of the Loop in our Archives if you’ve missed an issue.



The UW-Stout Recovery planning team has developed several guidelines that impact student organization operations for fall semester 2020.  These guidelines were developed with the health and safety of students as our top priority.  Please keep in mind that as circumstances change these guidelines could also change. 

Guidelines | July 2020

Event Registration Process:

  • All student organization meetings and events will undergo a registration and approval process.  By August when you submit an event in CONNECT you will be asked to estimate the COVID risks of your meeting/event (if in person) and inform us of your plan to safely carry out the event/meeting by adhering to current guidelines. 
  • Virtual events will be automatically approved, but still need to follow the registration and approval process.
  • Organizations will need to submit their events prior to advertising or receiving funding (2 weeks minimum), with internal organization events requiring a minimum of 3 business days in advance to allow time for review. 
  • Recurring events like weekly meetings only need to be submitted once for approval.

Event Spaces & Capacities

  • Outdoor meetings/events are encouraged whenever possible, with a maximum capacity of 75.
  • Indoor meetings/events will be permitted as space allows, with a maximum capacity of 50.
    • Note:  We have limited spaces that can hold 50 persons in a socially distances format. Meeting rooms in MSC and Price Commons will have fixed room set-ups and their capacities are reduced to accommodate social distancing. Updated capacities can be found here.
  • Academic space reservations will not be allowed.  For orgs that have very unique needs please email the Involvement Center with those requests for now.
  • Events longer than 8 hours or overnight will not be allowed.


  • Off campus events can only take place within Dunn County and will be subject to the registration and approval process.
  • No travel outside of Dunn County will be approved.

Sales/Information Tables

  • Sales tables within the Memorial Student Center and Price Commons will be available.  Social distancing will be applied (fewer tables will be available) and only one person at a time will be allowed to staff the table. 
  • Additional protocols will be given at the time of reservation.
The Backyard Bash is going virtual! 

CONNECT has introduced a new software feature that will allow organizations to easily set-up your virtual “booth” with opportunities to share photos & video, live chat or video conference with students who visit the booth, connect with individuals, recruit students, and more.  You will be receiving a training video and a timeline to set up your virtual booth in an upcoming edition of the LOOP.


We have several new, and updated resources to assist student organizations in doing their business:

  • The E-Commerce option in CONNECT is LIVE so that you can sell items using credit cards.  Org Leaders must go through training prior to being authorized to begin a sale.  Trainings will begin in early August and the sign up for these events will come in an upcoming LOOP.
  • The website outlining tips for hosting virtual events that was created in spring is still available:
  • The MSC Conferences & Events team has updated the room reservation process.  Find that process along with updated room capacity here.
  • SSA is working to improve and streamline the budget request process to accommodate student organization reallocations and contingency requests.
  • The next LOOP will be published soon with additional information about Back Yard Bash and some options to attend virtual E-Commerce trainings.