From: Involvement Center
Date: April 28, 2020
Subject: The Loop | Wrapping up your Org's Semester and Tasks to Complete

Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Hey Org Leaders –

It goes without saying you’ve been dealing with an enormous amount of change these past few weeks. Many of you have found ways to continue your student org work and that’s been great to see!  We also know it’s been challenging to continue meeting in a virtual environment for many at the same time.  You're all doing your best!

Even though we’re away from campus, there are still some basic tasks your orgs need to take care of during the last few weeks of the semester.

Maintain a Presence in CONNECT

New students will be going through a virtual First Year Registration and Orientation this summer.  They will still be given access to CONNECT and will be learning about ways to get involved.  As a student org – you are one of those opportunities they will want to explore!

Make sure you do the following in CONNECT:
  • Update your officers if these have changed. Our office (and prospective new members) need to have the correct contacts.
  • Create your fall events and meeting times in CONNECT. Even though we do not know what fall semester will look like, we know your orgs can offer meetings and events virtually if need be.
  • Review your group page and freshen it up. Update your profile photo and cover photo. Post and share content in the feed. Stay relevant! 
  • Update your membership.  Many of you have members graduating in a few weeks. You do not need to delete them from your page. Instead, you simply give them a membership end date. Go to your Members section of your group page and follow the directions below.

Give New Officers Access to your Email

Officers that currently have access to your org email can grant access to other officers. Make sure you take care of this before you leave for summer. Directions on how to add/remove permissions for others is on CONNECT – scroll down to Organization Email Accounts.

Checklist for Transitioning Officers

Speaking of transitioning email, did you properly transition your knowledge and tasks to new officers? If not, take another look at our officer transition to do list.

Reminder that we still have one more opportunity for virtual office hours coming up to discuss any of your questions related to officer transition.

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Reserve a Room for Fall Meetings

Don’t forget to make those blanket reservations. Blanket reservations are for orgs wishing to reserve the same day, time and day for your recurring student org meetings each semester.  Submit your request for the Memorial Student Center or Price Commons today! They fill up quickly.

Backyard Bash Registration

Make sure you check email over the summer with information on our annual Backyard Bash. We have not yet opened up registration, so stay tuned for updates over the summer months.