From: Involvement Center
Date: April 16, 2020
Subject: Campus Life Today | Thursday, April 16th, 2020


Today: Open Student Forum with Pandemic Planning Team

Chancellor Katherine P. Frank and members of the pandemic planning team will hold a student open forum from 5 to 6 p.m.. on Thursday, April 16,  via Microsoft Teams to provide an update and answer questions. For questions, it would be helpful to have them submitted in advance at, and would make the forum easier to manage.  However, questions may be posed via the chat feature of Teams during the forum. 

Sponsored by: Chancellor's Office
For more information contact: Julie Zack
Join Forum Here

Watch Neighborhood Come Together for Hilarious Dino-Themed Social Distancing Parade

A Wisconsin community is being praised for coming up with an amusingly prehistoric way of having some fun together during their self-isolation.

Check it out!


Motivational Speaker - Steve Fredlund

Monday, April 20 at 1:00pm
to Friday, April 24 at 2:00pm
Private Location (rsvp to display)
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Due to the closure of campus, our motivational speaker that was supposed to attend our Dining Etiquette banquet will be recording a video speech that will be available on CONNECT for our viewing. The topic is about How to Live a Fulfilling Life and Pursue Your Career. It will be available from 4/20-4/24.



Cook LIVE with Chef Jyll Everman

Friday, April 17
6:00pm - 7:00pm
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Join us on the Memorial Student Center's Instagram (@uwstoutmsc) for Chef Jyll Everman's LIVE cooking demonstration. After a 2 month stint competing on Food Network’s Next Food Network Star, Jyll quickly realized she loved teaching on camera! Jyll’s approach to cooking resides in her personal acronym M.I.T.G: Make It Taste Good! 

Follow along this Friday while Jyll makes a delicious dinner of pasta, salad and dessert. She'll provide the easy step by step, but jump in with questions about the meal or her experience on Food Network Star!

*See the registration flyer for the ingredient list to see what you already have at home or keep the list for the next time you need/are able to go out for groceries.


Panel to Address Economic Impacts of COVID-19

Efforts to contend with the coronavirus outbreak have had devastating economic consequences. Scheduled panelists include Chris Ferguson, economics: Gene Gutman, supply chain management; Tina Lee, anthropology; and Chris Marshall, history.

Topics include:

  • The impacts of stay-at-home orders and social distancing
  • The threat to supply chains
  • How economic inequality shapes the outbreak
  • Potential consequences for small-town America
  • Effectiveness of the government stimulus and aid

Date:  Thursday, April 16th from 7:00 – 8:00 pm
Location: Virtual. Honors College students access through Canvas. Guests can join using the guest link. The event may also be accessed through dial-in at 1-571-392-7650 and use the PIN: 534 276 0299.
Sponsored by: Honors College and social science department
For more information contact: Thomas Pearson, ext 1515

Stout Digital Wallpaper

Decorate Your Devices

Looking for an upgrade to your phone or computer wallpaper? Check out our webpage with a handful of wallpapers for download. They’re free and were designed by UW-Stout graphic design students.
For more information contact: Rachel Hallgrimson
Check Out Digital Wallpapers Here

Share your social distancing experience

Share your Social Distancing Experience

UW-Stout students have had to alter their entire way of being through social distancing and we'd like to capture your stories, thoughts and feelings. Please take a few moments to reflect on the questions below and submit your answers via our CONNECT form. Our Marketing Communications office will be using your submissions for potential stories and/or posts on our social channels.

  • What did social distancing mean to you before the Safer at Home mandates?
  • What does social distancing mean to you now?
  • What's been the hardest thing for you in all of this?
  • What's the bright spot in your day?

Sponsored by: Marketing Communications
For more information contact: Abbey Goers
Submit your experience

Virtual Research Day

The Office of Research and Sponsored Programs is working to move Research Day online to Canvas. We encourage you to register in the attached link - more information will be given to as you register for the event. Registration closes May 3 at 11:59 p.m.

Sponsored by: Office of Research and Sponsored Programs
For more information contact: Stephen Eibes
Register Here

Technology Use and COVID-19

How are you limiting your screen time during this alternative learning period?

Below are some tips to avoid resorting to using your phone, TV, or laptop while you are bored or stressed. Check out these ways to manage your online usage:

  • Limit your news exposure: Yes, it is important to be informed.  However, watching the news too much can be harmful and create more anxiety about the pandemic.  Try limiting yourself to checking in to a few credible sources once per day.
  • Be intentional: Make an effort to notice how you are using your screen time “minutes” and how this time spent in front of a screen is benefitting you.  Putting a limit on your screen time in terms of hours and minutes may prevent you from having too much screen time in a day.
  • Make access harder: Turn your phone off or put it in another room that you are forced to walk over to.  Another strategy may be to delete social media apps off of your phone to limit access.
  • Replace screen activities with non-screen activities: Look to replace social media scrolling with a walk outside or a meditation exercise, for example.

***Remember, screen time is okay in moderation and when practiced responsibly, with self-control.  These tips are to help you better manage your screen time and to encourage activities that do not involve a screen when possible.

Other helpful reminders for you:

  • UW-Stout counselors are offering telehealth services via Microsoft Teams to virtually meet with students at this time.  As always, these sessions are confidential and free of charge to students.
    • Schedule by calling, Monday-Friday 8:00am-4:30pm.
  • The Counseling Center website and the UW-Stout COVID-19 page is a great resource to stay connected to campus and any updates.  Follow our Facebook page at UW-Stout Wellness PROs and Counseling Center for other wellness tips and updated information.

Please call the Counseling Center at 715-232-2468 with any questions or concerns. 

We are here to help!

Emergency and Crisis Resources

Call 911 if you if you are experiencing an emergency.

Other mental health crisis options that are available 24/7 include:

  • Northwest Connections: 1-888-552-6642 (local area, Western WI)
  • National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 1-800-273-8255
  • Crisis Text Line: text hello to 741741
COVID-19 Coronavirus Planning and Preparedness Website

Stay Informed

With the ever-changing COVID-19 coronavirus situation, UW-Stout continues to evaluate the situation daily.

Students should continue to stay up-to-date with the COVID-19 Coronavirus Planning and Preparedness website at

For a variety of addtional support and resources visit Local and Regional Resources