From: Involvement Center
Date: October 1, 2020
Subject: Campus Life Today | Thursday, October 1, 2020


Avoiding Online Distress

How to Avoid Online Distress

Sponsored by the Counseling Center

We all know that our electronic devices can cause extra stress in our life, especially when we’re all online for school and work and communicating. Follow these tips on how to limit your online/social media usage and avoid letting it take over your life when it’s all that seems to be taking up your time:

  • Have ‘free’ time daily - pick a time every day where you put your phone or laptop on silent and away from you, and do something that takes your mind away from your electronics and social media, such as reading or meditation!

  • Set a timer on your phone - there are settings on smartphones that time how long you’re on a certain app, and it automatically closes out of it for you when you reach that time, that way you won’t spend four hours on TikTok!

  • Charge your phone in a different room - this one is hard but if your phone isn’t readily available to you, you’ll probably be less likely to go on it right away in the morning or at night, and you’ll also have to get out of bed to check it.

  • Spend an hour each night and each morning offline - Following along with that last tip, limiting your computer and phone use especially at night will help you relax and settle down and ultimately have a better night's sleep!

  • Take regular breaks - if you spend hours sitting at your desk on your laptop working or doing school, allow yourself time to get up every half hour or so (or more often!) and walk around, stretch, grab a snack, and rest your brain.

UW-Stout Counseling Center

410 Bowman Hall (Clocktower Building)
Office: 715-232-2468   Hours: 8AM-4:30PM

  • We are currently providing Telehealth services via Microsoft Teams to virtually meet with Stout students.  As always, these sessions are confidential and at no additional cost to enrolled students. You can schedule an appointment by calling the above office number.

  • Check out our Counseling Center website and Facebook page for more information on ways to have a great semester.

  • Emergency and Crisis Resources: Call 911 if you are experiencing an emergency. Other mental health crisis options that are available 24/7 include:

    • Northwest Connections: 1-888-552-6642 (local area, Western WI)

    • National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 1-800-273-8255

    • Crisis Text Line: text hello to 741741

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Galloway Creek Cleanup

Thursday, October 1
3:00pm - 6:00pm
Loading Dock Jarvis Hall
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Galloway Creek- a small urban stream that runs through the heart of Menomonie- is a unique body of water, and supports the wide array of wildlife that we see roaming across our campus every day. In recent months we've noticed that litter and other large foreign objects have begun to piled up there causing issues for some of the local wildlife. Therefore, the Natural Areas Club invites volunteers to come on out and assist us with the cleaning of Galloway Creek.




Friday, October 2
9:00pm - 11:30pm
The Great Hall, 302 10th Avenue East, 106 Memorial Student Center, Menomonie, WI 54751, United States
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To reach this event virtually use this link:

After Barbara (Geena Davis) and Adam Maitland (Alec Baldwin) die in a car accident, they find themselves stuck haunting their country residence, unable to leave the house. When the unbearable Deetzes (Catherine O'Hara, Jeffrey Jones) and teen daughter Lydia (Winona Ryder) buy the home, the Maitlands attempt to scare them away without success. Their efforts attract Beetlejuice (Michael Keaton), a rambunctious spirit whose "help" quickly becomes dangerous for the Maitlands and innocent Lydia.



Soundbyte Trivia

Tuesday, October 6
6:00pm - 9:00pm
Terrace, Memorial Student Center, 302 10th Avenue East 106 Memorial Student Center, Menomonie, WI 54751, United States
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Join us for our own spin on Trivia all based on sounds. It will be an intense filled game of teamwork to see who can identify famous movie quotes, song lyrics and beats, TV show lines and more! We'll be giving away great prizes! Stop by to see who is the expert on identifying those sounds!

We'll host two rounds of trivia.
Round 1 | 6:00 PM
Round 2 | 8:00 PM

Participants must register ahead of time and are only allowed to register for one round.



Virtual Bingo

Wednesday, October 7
8:00pm - 9:00pm
Video Conferencing Link
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Join us for a friendly game of virtual bingo on select Wednesday nights this semester! Free prizes and fun!

Duo 2 Step

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  1. Secure websites, firewalls, and other tools help keep us safe, but compromised credentials get right through them. 
  2. Don't be that person- if you give up your credentials, your account will be used to phish your friends and co-workers. 
  3. With 2-Step, you will always know if someone else tries to use your password (like your ex or parents).     
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2-Step Enrollment Schedule: 
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October 8th - Students with last names beginning with L-R 
October 9th - Students with last names beginning with S-Z

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For more information contact: Heidi Catlin

The Quill

The Quill - Issue #2 October 2020

October's issue of the Quill is ready for you! The Quill is a collaborative newsletter brought to you by the Dean of Students office, Disability Services, Fostering Success, the Involvement Center, McNair, Multicultural Student Services, The Qube, Student Support Services, and Veterans Services. Check it out!

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Thursday, October 1
Start End   Event         Location
9:00am 4:00pm Fall 2020 Virtual Career Conference Website
2:30pm 3:30pm Sustainability Council Standing Committee Meeting Teams Link
3:00pm 6:00pm Natural Areas | Galloway Creek Cleanup Loading Dock Jarvis Hall
4:00pm 5:00pm Virtual Afternoon T Teams Link
6:00pm 7:00pm Students for Consent, Meeting Video Conferencing Link
6:00pm 8:00pm StoutCatholic Fellowship and Friends The Ministry
7:00pm 9:00pm An-Bu | Comedy Night Website
7:00pm 8:00pm WIITS | Cigna Virtual Presentation CONNECT
7:00pm 8:00pm FLIGHT Club Weekly Meeting! Merle Price Commons: Hay River Room
7:30pm 8:15pm Wishmakers Meeting Cranberry Creek Room