Sport Clubs


Sport Clubs are student organizations whose primary mission and purpose involve a sport or recreational activity. Participation in Sport Clubs is open to all current UW-Stout students, faculty, and staff, and includes more than 600 participants annually. Our mission is to provide leadership and other developmental opportunities to enhance the UW-Stout experience through participation in competitive, recreational, and instructional student organizations.

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Sports Clubs can be included in three different categories:


Clubs that demand an opportunity for students other than varsity athletes or because no varsity athletic team exists. The team practices, trains, and is eligible to compete in registered extramural, regional, national or open tournaments and competitions. Clubs also may use facilities and storage for practices, games, and equipment. The club must also promote a balanced lifestyle of wellness and physical activity.


Clubs that do not meet all of the requirements above, but involve an organized group for sport and recreational participation on a regular basis that is not readily and feasibly available to students under informal recreation or Intramural Sport. The club incorporates a variety of participation opportunities including meetings, clinics, practices, informal gatherings, and philanthropic functions.


Clubs that main focus is to introduce, qualified instruction, and advancement of specific skills and techniques. Instruction covers the necessary physical and mental safety prerequisites from participation, as well as strategy and rules. Instruction should be provided for all levels of skill from beginner to advanced. Clubs use facilities and storage for practices and equipment.

The primary purpose of Sport Clubs is to provide opportunities for students to pursue an interest in recreation or sports. Our mission is to enhance the UW-Stout experience by learning new skills, meeting new people, practicing with fellow participants, and competing with other clubs throughout the country. Sport Clubs are managed entirely by students with assistance from faculty/staff advisors to ensure the best quality of help to all participants.

Mission Statement