In-person Appointments:

  1. Meet with a Writing Specialist or Writing Tutor face-to-face in a 45-minute session to discuss your writing assignment.Bring a hardcopy of your writing assignment and your syllabus or assignment guidelines
  2. Bring a hardcopy of your writing assignment and your syllabus or assignment guidelines
  3. Work on an agenda with the writing specialist/tutor and discuss your goals for the session.
  4. Read through the draft together with the writing specialist/tutor. Consider them an informed reader who will ask you questions to help better understand your ideas.
  5. Discuss strategies for revision and ideas for moving forward.

Online Appointments (available with writing tutor only):

Live online tutorials are available by appointment. In a 45-minute meeting using Google Docs and audio, students will work with the writing tutor in real-time to discuss writing-related questions.

Best to use this method for:

  1. Shorter pieces of writing
  2. Writing assignments that are not time-sensitive
  3. Distance learners
  4. To work from the comfort of your own space

For online appointments, you will need a phone (cell phone works) and a computer connected to the internet. You do not need to have a personal Google account, but it will help speed up the setup.

At the time of your writing appointment, a Writing Tutor will contact you at the phone number provided on your appointment form. They will walk you through the setup process step-by-step before beginning the writing session.

Note: Due to the use of technology, please keep in mind that you may experience technical issues during your appointment. This method is not effective for time-sensitive writing assignments.