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General Bus Info (Menomonie)

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StoutRoute Campus Bus

(715) 235-7433A quick and easy way to get around campus. It runs Monday-Friday during the school year. Free for students and staff with a Stout ID.
A map and schedule is available at:

Community Route

(715) 235- 7433
Allows you to stop at many locations around Menomonie. It runs Monday-Saturday. Fare is free with Stout ID.
A map and schedule is available at:

Doorstop Service

(715) 235- 7433 (call at least 2 hours in advance)
A demand response, door-to-door pickup that prioritizes the elderly and people with disabilities. The Doorstop Bus runs on a 65-minute loop. Passengers call to arrange a time to be picked up and dropped off. This bus runs from 7:30 AM- 5:00 PM and the fare is $3 one way. 
A map and schedule is available at:

Center for Independent Living- New Freedom Volunteer Driver Program

(715) 233- 1070If you have a temporary or permanent disability and a transportation barrier, you may be eligible to use this volunteer driver or voucher program to get medical, educational, employment-related, and social events. Riders who have someone to drive them may qualify for the voucher program. The rider can get vouchers to spend on a portion of their transportation costs.

StoutBikes Bike Share Program

Need A Bike? We Got You Covered! With StoutBikes, students can rent a bike for a semester, year, summer, or weekend for a very low cost. All bike rentals include lights, locks, and helmets for your safety and the safety of your bike. Rentals are offered through Stout Adventures.