Writing Tutor Services

Student Support Services

Starting August 31st, the Student Support Services physical office will be open with staff rotating between being on-campus and telecommuting. In the interest of staff and student health and safety, primary service delivery will be a mixture of in-person and virtual for scheduled appointments. While walk-ins are welcome, students are encouraged to call ahead to schedule to ensure availability of academic specialists and tutors, determine if services can be completed remotely and to maintain low density in the office and promote social distancing.

Welcome to the Student Support Services Writing Program! Our goal is to help you develop as a writer and student through one-one-one assistance.  We offer services with a focus on feedback rather than correction.

Writers of all levels are encouraged to use our free writing services. You may bring any type of writing assignment, academic or non-academic (e.g. resume, cover letter, scholarship essay), to our office to work on with the Writing Specialist or tutor.

Writing is a process. Make an appointment at any stage of the process to work on the areas below:

  1. Invention (understanding assignment guidelines, pre-writing strategies, generating ideas, outlining, understanding purpose and audience)
  2. Drafting/Revision (thesis/focus; paragraphs for introduction, body, and/or conclusion; idea development; building arguments; effective summary/analysis; strategies for drafting/revising)
  3. Organization and Coherence (supporting a thesis, patterns of organization, connecting ideas, cohesion, unity, transitions)
  4. Revising for Style (eliminate wordiness and sentence redundancy; help tighten sentence structure and clarify ideas; editing strategies; word choice; active/passive voice; sentence variety; tone)

Schedule your appointment today and get started on your next writing assignment!