Writing Tutor Services

Student Support Services

Welcome to the Student Support Services Writing Program! Our goal is to help you develop as a writer and student through one-one-one assistance.  We offer services with a focus on feedback rather than correction.

Writers of all levels are encouraged to use our free writing services. You may bring any type of writing assignment, academic or non-academic (e.g. resume, cover letter, scholarship essay), to our office to work on with the Writing Specialist or tutor.

Writing is a process. Make an appointment at any stage of the process to work on the areas below:

  1. Invention (understanding assignment guidelines, pre-writing strategies, generating ideas, outlining, understanding purpose and audience)
  2. Drafting/Revision (thesis/focus; paragraphs for introduction, body, and/or conclusion; idea development; building arguments; effective summary/analysis; strategies for drafting/revising)
  3. Organization and Coherence (supporting a thesis, patterns of organization, connecting ideas, cohesion, unity, transitions)
  4. Revising for Style (eliminate wordiness and sentence redundancy; help tighten sentence structure and clarify ideas; editing strategies; word choice; active/passive voice; sentence variety; tone)

Schedule your appointment today and get started on your next writing assignment!