(715) 232-1636
Provides Education in Nutrition, College Transition, Parenting, Budgeting, Agriculture & 4-H Youth Development.

Chippewa Valley Technical College

(715) 233-5344
CVTC provides quality adult education services free of charge. Learn keyboarding, computer processes and functions, Microsoft Office programs including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, internet navigation, and email. Develop or refresh your reading, writing, spelling, vocabulary, grammar, problem solving, and math skills. CVTC also offers ESL (English as a Second Language) assistance.

WESTCAP Adult Literacy Program

(715) 265-4271
The Literacy Program offers one-on-one tutoring for adults that want to improve their literacy skills for personal or job-related goals. Tutors work with learners who have learning disabilities or are learning English as a second language. Literacy skills include basic English language speaking, reading, and writing. Basic math skills are also taught if needed.

WESTCAP Skills Enhancement Program

Skills Enhancement is designed to assist low-wage, working adults to access short-term training programs that will provide an opportunity to increase wages and gain access to employer provided health insurance. Short-term training is defined as two years or less. Individuals who are enrolled in a four-year degree program must hold at least a junior status and will graduate within two years in order to be eligible. Students must also be working at least 20 hours per week to be eligible and fall under the 150% poverty guidelines. Participants may be eligible for: tuition related expenses, tuition, books, miscellaneous educational fees, Reimbursement for training-related transportation costs, assistance with child care costs.

Early Head Start/Head Start/All Day 4K

(715) 235-9122
(800) 352-6283
Are you a parent who is also a student? Early Head Start serves income eligible families with children from pregnancy to age 3. Head Start serves families with kids ages 3-5 including 4K, pregnant and parenting teens, and home visit program. Head Start assists with parenting skills, child development, and resources.

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