Disability Services

The Arc of Dunn County- Community Programs

(715) 235-7373 ext 20 tina@arcofdunncounty.org
The Arc of Dunn County provides community programs that strive to provide social and learning opportunities for individuals with intellectual or developmental disabilities and their families. Community Programs include Connections Day Program, Arc After Dark, Arc Awareness, and Sibshops. http://arcofdunncounty.org

Aging and Disability Resource Center of Dunn County

(715) 232-4006The ADRC is the access point for seniors and adults with disabilities, their families and caregivers to receive assistance, education, and support. They provide information about and assistance to apply for benefit programs, on issues such as Social Security over-payments, insurance coverage denials, housing problems, tax issues, medical bills, etc. They also make referrals to other services and programs such as managed care organizations.

Center for Independent Living- Benefits Analysis

(715) 233-1070
A Benefits Specialist will meet with an individual to discuss their current benefits situation (Social Security, Medicaid, Badgercare, Foodshare, etc.) and explain how employment may affect these benefits. The Specialist will explain the options that the person may choose to utilize once they begin employment.

Center for Independent Living- PASS Plans

(715) 233-1070
A Benefits Specialist may assist in the development of an individualized PASS (Plan for Achieving Self-Support) plan. The PASS plan is a way of saving for specific approved items while still receiving Social Security benefits. The specialist will discuss with the individual their PASS plan options and assist in the writing and submission of the plan.

Center for Independent Living- Braille Services

(715) 233-1070Braille documents may be printed for individuals or agencies. An electronic format (diskette, e-mail, etc.) copy of the document is required.

Center for Independent Living- Communication

(715) 233-1070Center for Independent Living provides information, resources, and access to assistive technology, explain available options, and demonstrate equipment. Assistance with TEPP, TAP, and other funding program applications is also available.

Center for Independent Living- Computer Assessment/Training

(715) 233-1070
This assessment is a hands-on approach to trying out the computer and adaptive equipment. The assessment generally takes 2 – 3 hours with a comprehensive report included. Center for Independent Living also provides short-term training in the use of adaptive computer software and hardware. This may also include installation of software and/or hardware.

Center for Independent Living- ADA Implementation and Assessments

(715) 233-1070
Center for Independent Living can assist your business or organization to understand and meet the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). This may include helping with a self-evaluation and working to develop an implementation plan.

Center for Independent Living- Home Modifications and Accessibility

(715) 233-1070
Center for Independent Living will meet and discuss ways to improve a consumer’s home accessibility. Staff will assist in identifying areas that could be improved and offer possible solutions. Recommendations could include a ramp design, building information, or suggestions on how to remodel a bathroom for better access. Center for Independent Living will also provide information on funding options for these projects.

Center for Independent Living- Device Loan and Demonstration Program

(715) 233-1070Center for Independent Living has over 2,000 pieces of assistive technology available for short-term trials. This provides an opportunity for consumers to try out equipment and determine if it meets their needs. Adaptive equipment may increase a person’s independence by giving them more control within their environment, the ability to communicate better, manage household tasks, and accomplish daily living needs. Center for Independent Living also has knowledge of where to acquire equipment and any potential funding options that may be available.

Center for Independent Living- Wisloan/TEPP/Telework

(715) 233-1070
The Wisconsin Telework Loan Program is a statewide, alternative loan program for residents with disabilities to purchase computers and other equipment needed. The WisLoan Program offers loans for assistive technology. The loans help people buy equipment such as hearing aids, modified vehicles, wheelchairs etc.

Dunn County ADRC Online Resources

(715) 232-4006The ADRC Online Resource Room hopes to give people greater access to area resources by having a convenient and time-saving online option to search. You can search by category when you are looking for a specific service within Dunn County.