Student Information Technology Committee (SITC)

We believe that technology is a cornerstone of UW-Stout's Polytechnic heritage. As such, SITC focuses on technology-driven movements in order to improve student access to technology on campus. Working directly with the Chief Information Officer (CIO) and I.T leadership, students are given the ability to make true change with I.T on campus.

Student Technology Fee (STF)

STF is a tuition surcharge governed by UW System Administrative Policy 815 which all students contribute to. The Student Technology Fee is intended to fund innovative. student-centered projects related to Information Technology. Learn more →

Providing a Student Voice

SITC collaborates with students, faculty, and staff to give feedback on campus Information Technology.

Privacy & Security

SITC advocates for the data privacy and data security of students in relation to federal, state, local, and institutional laws/regulations

Student Technology Fee Process

Come Up with an Idea

Students, faculty, staff, and campus departments are encouraged to submit ideas throughout the year. To submit an idea, student can fill out this form on CONNECT or contact

SITC Discusses Idea

SITC will review any STF requests to make sure it is an appropriate expenditure. Additionally, the requester is given the opportunity to present to the committee.

Senate Deliberates

Should SITC determine the request to be an acceptable use of the STF, the University Student Senate will deliberate on the request and either approve/deny it.

Final Approval

If the University Student Senate approves the request, the chancellor or chancellor's designee will give final approval and the money will be available to spend the following fiscal year for the project.

Recent Achievements

Student Printing Kiosks

Recently, SITC funded a project for the installation of a printing kiosk within the Memorial Student Center. Planned to be installed during the 20-21 school year, the new printing kiosk will provide convenient printing services through a program called Papercut.

Wisconsin Data Privacy Act Resolution

SITC and the SSA Director of Information Technology recently sent a resolution to state legislatures lobbying for bills designed around improving data privacy for Wisconsin residents. These bills are inspired by the EU's GDPR regulations.

Founded SITC

After a redesign of the Student Technology Fee allocation process, SITC was formed and met for the first time in the 19-20 academic year. The committee is comprised of the SSA Director of Information Technology, SSA Senators, UW-Stout's CIO, and two advisors from I.T.

Technology Resources Available to Students

We'd Love to Hear From You!

If you have any ideas about improving Information Technology on Campus, please reach out to the SSA Director of Information Technology at, calling 715-232-2100, or joining us at our SITC meetings. Official meeting postings are on the SSA events page and are generally held on Fridays from 12:30 to 1:30pm.