"The S.S.A shall have three branches to ensure a balance of powers is not overstepped in one branch"

-Article I of the Stout Student Association Constitution

SSA's Three Branches

The work of the Stout Student Association is carried out by three branches: Executive, Judicial, and Legislative. Each branch is outlined in the Constitution of the Stout Student Association, and the branches have the authority to further establish their structure independently. Learn more about each branch with the links below.


The Executive Branch is responsible for carrying out the day-to-day functions of SSA, including its programs and committees.. The Executive Board is comprised of the Executives (President and Vice President) and the seven Directors. Learn More »


The Judicial Branch is comprised of the SOCOC, which investigates charges against a student organization, and the University Court, which hosts hearings to determine if the organization is responsible for the actions against them. Learn More »


The University Student Senate is the Legislative Branch of the Stout Student Association. It determines policy of the SSA, allocates Segregated University Activity Fees, promotes and approves all SSA activities, and approves the recognition of all student organizations. Learn More »