Wed, Mar 9, 2022

6:30 PM – 7:30 PM CST (GMT-6)

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Join us virtually to relax and destress during midterms! Breathwork is an active meditation that uses a 3-part breathing technique. It powerfully helps us step outside our thinking mind. It clears perceptual filters and allows us to be fully present to ourselves and life’s biggest challenges. For too long we have separated the domains of self-care and professional development, through breathwork we can shift our beliefs and behaviors that keep us stuck in imposter syndrome, perfectionism, & privilege. Breathwork is a tool that can help you be a more centered, grounded, and compassionate person and professional.

Please prepare for the session by finding a private place where you can lay down (on your bed, a yoga mat, or the couch are best) uninterrupted for the length of the session. You may want to have some water, a blanket, or a notebook and pen close in case you are inspired to journal after the session.