You did it! Now what?

You are officially a Stoutie! We are so excited. Over the summer we will be hosting social events to help you get to know your peers. Continue to monitor your UW-Stout email account and CONNECT for updates! Below is a checklist with next steps.

  1. 1

    Check your email

    Remember to check your UW-Stout email daily for updates, invitations to events and campus information.



    Get Social

    Follow our social media channels.
    Facebook and Twitter (@uwstout)
    Instagram (@uwstoutpics)
    Class of 2024 Spotify playlist! (@UW-Stout Official Spotify!)

  3. 3

    Meet the class

    Flipgrid is the place to do it by watching clips of your future classmates or future roomate!? To get started on your phone - leave the connect app and download Fligrid and use entry code: uwstout2024 OR on a computer visit

  4. 4

    Attend our live events

    Live social events will be happening throughout the summer check out the events tab for more details!

  5. 5

    Get ready for Week One!

    Week One is the second step to your orientation beginning September 6th and ending September 8th.