Thu, Oct 1, 2020

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It has come to our attention that Galloway Creek- a small urban stream that rolls right through the heart of Menomonie- has become plagued with litter and other large foreign objects, such as furniture. How something like this can happen, I’ve no idea, but it is our duty to help keep the area clean and functional for the good of the wildlife that utilizes the creek as a resource.

Why is it “our duty” to keep Galloway Creek clean?

Well, humans have a fundamental duty to safeguard the areas that live in our shadow and feel the effects of our poor waste management. In addition to this, I did a little digging and came across a news article called Studying Galloway Creek. This article- dated November 22nd, 2004- showcased a group of Stout students in Bio-111 conducting water quality assessments as part of a stream monitoring program. Since then, Galloway Creek has offered students and professors countless research opportunities that have furthered our knowledge on this unique community, knowledge that has been applied to environmental issues elsewhere. Gloss over the article, the students talk about the importance of maintaining Galloway Creek- and if nothing else- this is a perfect opportunity to take what was given to us by those who came before, and pass it on to those who will come after.