Tue, Apr 19, 2022

4 PM – 6 PM CDT (GMT-5)

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Greetings all! The weather is starting to become nice enough for NAC to begin hosting events again. We would like to kick things off by cleaning up and removing trash from Galloway Creek. Attendees will be equipped with either buckets or trash bags, and either a set of gloves or claw grips. Our goal is simply to remove as much litter as possible. In the past, we've removed things such as beds, box springs, couches, and even TV dishes. I'm sure a lot of trash has built up over the winter, so they'll be plenty to do! All trash will be bagged and piled so the City of Menomonie can haul it off to the dump.
*NOTICE* Please wear comfortable sturdy shoes and cloths that you are willing to muddy, dirty, and/or wet. THANK YOU!