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Campus Connections Guidelines

Welcome to the guidelines for Campus Connections, a newsletter produced by Marketing Communications (MarCom). Campus Connections submissions must be received by noon the day before the requested post.

Campus Connections accepts the following content for publication:

  • Department announcements: due date reminders, office changes and policy updates
  • Faculty and staff accomplishments related to professional positions, including: Presentations, panel discussion participation, exhibitions, appointments to boards, publications and awards
  • Grant or research opportunities
  • Retirement announcements
  • Volunteer requests for campus sponsored activities
  • Building updates and planned IT outages
  • Kudos for a colleague

Campus Connections does not accept the following content for publication:

  • Academic announcements, including holiday closures
  • Event and meeting announcements including:
    • Department, college, school or unit meetings
    • Alumni, athletics and recreation events
    • Conferences, seminars and workshops
    • Community and student organization events
    • Career conferences and industry events
    • Exhibit, performance, lecture, film, music and speaker events

Meetings and events must be submitted through EMS for display on University Calendar. Guidelines for submitting meetings and events using EMS are available on the University Calendar Guidelines StoutCloud page. Campus Connections editors will publish select featured events from University Calendar.

Campus Connections Content Guidelines

Refer to the following content guidelines before submitting:

  • Submissions must relate directly to the university, its employees or students and involve faculty and staff.
  • Information should be clear and concise. Acronyms and abbreviations should be avoided but if used, defined.
  • Marketing Communications reserves the right to edit submissions for clarity and style.
  • Campus Connections uses the Associated Press Stylebook in the editing process. When submitting items, consider the following:
    • Do not use exclamation points.
    • Do not ask questions, e.g. "Do you want to improve your energy level?"
    • Do not editorialize; for example, “Come to this exciting.”
    • Do not use personal pronouns, for example you, we and our.
    • Abbreviate the names of the months with more than two syllables.
    • Do not use ampersands unless they are part of a proper noun.
    • Do not capitalize titles, names of academic disciplines or departments unless they are proper nouns, such as English, or the title comes before the name.
    • Do not capitalize university by itself.
    • Use one space after a period.
    • Do not use boldface, italics or capital letters for emphasis
  • The form allows a maximum of 800 characters, approximately 135 words. Lengthy submissions with complex formatting should be posted on a website. The newsletter will provide a brief introduction and a link to the site. A URL — Web address — can be submitted within the form. Make sure the URL links directly to the correct information. For assistance in publishing information on a specific department website, contact that department's web editor or email
  • All submissions are published once. An archive of Campus Connections newsletters published after Aug. 1, 2020 is available here.

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