2022 UW-Stout Homecoming Parade Application

2022 Homecoming Parade Application

This application will be open until NOON on Wednesday, October 5, 2022

We look forward to celebrating UW-Stout's Homecoming with another amazing parade Saturday, October 8th at 11am.. The return of this event is exciting for UW-Stout and Menomonie communities!

As you prepare your parade unit, consider your campus pride as the theme for the event. Full judging criteria and further details will be sent closer to the parade. Following complete submission, your application will be reviewed by the Homecoming Parade Committee. As a university event, UW-Stout reviews the participation in the Homecoming Parade - Persons, Groups, or Businesses External to the University will be invited to participate after review and approval of their parade application.

UW-Stout reserves the right to deny participation to any external entity. Particular attention will be paid to ensure congruence with the UW-Stout policy on Advertising, Sponsorship and Promotion of Alcohol and Tobacco Products (UW-Stout 14-74) and the Board of Regents policies on discrimination (BOR Policies 14-2, 14-3, 14-5, 14-6, & 14-10.)
UW-Stout student organizations must be recognized and in good standing with the Stout Student Association recognition process at the time of registering. Thank you again for your Parade Application submission.

For additional questions, please contact: Jennifer Lee Associate Director Memorial Student Center at leejenn@uwstout.edu
Important Information about the next question. Contact Information for Parade Unit Captain
You'll be listed as the main contact for your Parade Unit. Additional information will be sent to the email you provide.

Additional instructions for the previous question. The cost for groups are as follows:
  • UW-Stout groups and high school or middle school affiliated groups is $0.
  • Non-profit organizations $20
  • Political Organizations/Campaigns $50
  • Businesses $25
These fees help us cover the costs of trophies, decorations, and other parade supplies.


Additional instructions for the previous question. If your unit does not fit one of these descriptions, please contact leejenn@uwstout.edu for clarification or exceptions.

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Parade Participation Rules

  1. All parade entries (float, auto, walking unit, etc.) must be pre-registered for the parade by NOON on 10/5/2022.
  2. All parade entries will be assigned a line-up position.
  3. All parade entries must take direction from and comply with parade staff.
  4. All trailer type floats must have safety chains.
  5. All riders must be safely positioned on the parade unit.
  6. Riders may NOT be added to a parade entry once the parade has started.
  7. Riders may NOT disembark a parade unit once the parade has started.
  8. No Candy/Giveaways are to be thrown to spectators from a float or vehicle.
  9. Candy/giveaways may be tossed to spectators from persons walking with the float or vehicle.
  10. No water balloons, water guns, silly string, or other projectiles are allowed to be part of parade unit.
  11. Sound amplification as part of a parade unit must not exceed 70 decibels at 3 feet from parade unit.
  12. Distance between units will be set by parade staff and maintained during the parade.
  13. Financial and/or material support sponsors may be recognized within the parade unit display.
  14. Advertising, sponsorship, or marketing with the purpose of promoting alcohol and/or tobacco use or products is prohibited as part of a float or parade entry in accordance with UW-Stout Policy 14-74.
  15. Alcoholic beverages are not allowed on or near the parade units or participants.
  16. Participants that appear or are found to be intoxicated will be removed for their safety and the safety of others.
  17. Each vehicle driver must pass a 0.0 Breathalyzer test.
  18. The Homecoming Committee, Campus Officials, Law Enforcement and/or parade designee reserve the right to disqualify any participant and/or organization from the parade due to poor taste and/or neglect of the regulations. These organizations will not be granted a refund.

NOTE: Infractions of the code of conduct or any rule can result in the immediate removal from the parade and possible sanctions including but not limited to prohibition from future parades.

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Homecoming Parade Code:

  1. Every person, group and organization is expected to demonstrate civil and lawful behavior at all times.
  2. Safety of parade participants and spectators is paramount. Be Careful. Be Safe.
  3. Have Fun! Enjoy the parade and help the campus community properly celebrate Homecoming weekend.

Important Information about the next question. For our parade units registering for a Business or Community/Non-profit Organization