Student Org Code of Conduct

It's Simple....follow the rules

The Stout Student Association oversees the recognition of all student organizations at UW-Stout.  As a requirement to remain recognized all student organizations must follow the student organization code of conduct.

Download the Student Organization Code of Conduct

Let us break it down for you.

While it is much more detailed than this, these are your responsibilities in short.  Read them, become familiar with them, and honor them. Remember, you are representing UW-Stout in all that you do.

Don't Discriminate

As required by Regent Policy 30-06, recognized student organizations must not discriminate against membership.

Follow the Law

Student organizations can be held liable in the appropriate adjudicating courts. Follow all University, local, state or federal laws/ordinances

Abide by the Alcohol Policy

We need you to stay safe. Check out a good visual of the alcohol policy and third party vendor checklist.

Properly Advertise your Events

Orgs must clearly state they are a recognized student org and follow university guidelines  and policies (14-74).

You're Liable

Student orgs will be held responsible for all activities and damages from an organization event/activity.

Manage your Risk

Organizations are responsible for having members complete a risk awareness form if the nature of their activities include any risk.

Work with Recognized Orgs

Don't affiliate with organizations that have been placed in a period of probation or suspension. And further, these orgs must continue to follow the code of conduct.

No Hazing. Period.

Orgs cannot support, participate in, or conduct any form of hazing at any time. It's against the law.

Follow your Constitution

It's there for a reason. Follow your own rules set forth by your organization.

Re-Register Annually

All orgs are required to re-register their org on an annual basis in the fall semester.

Tell the Truth

Do not knowingly make false statements, orally or in writing, during an investigation.

Release your Financial Information

If requested, the SSA can request that your org releases information on all on and off campus accounts.

What happens if something happens?

Well, there's a process for that. The SSA has the Student Organization Conduct Oversight Committee (SOCOC) and University Court to investigate and adjudicate all student org concerns.

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