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Event Planning Updates + Resources

The UW-Stout Recovery planning team has developed requirements that impact student organization operations related to COVID-19. Please review the updated protocols and guidelines below as well as resources to help you plan an event/meeting/activity.

These guidelines may change rapidly and will require you to remain flexible.

We are committed to communicating those changes as effectively as we can. Make sure you are reading the LOOP and Campus Life Today for updates.

Requirements Impacting Student Orgs

  • All meetings, events and activities (virtual & in-person) must go through the registration and approval process via CONNECT.
  • Events must adhere to current campus masking requirements.
  • All organizations must track attendance by having participants check in. The preferred method of doing this is by using CONNECT.  Learn how.
  • Student organization travel is allowed.
  • Stout-sponsored events that occur off-site will adhere to these guidelines, participant maximums, and masking requirements.
  • Academic space reservations are allowed and will go back to pre-COVID processes (see the Reserve Space page).
  • Sales tables within the Memorial Student Center and Price Commons will be available.
  • Catering through University Dining Service is allowed.  Work with them early to discuss what they can do to support your event.
  • Food from outside vendors is also allowable as pre-COVID (none in the MSC or Price Commons as it was pre-COVID).
  • Overnight events can again be hosted.
  • If you are unsure if your event will be approved, the quickest way to find out is to fill out the event request and follow the process.

It's important to note that student organizations will be held accountable to these requirements via the Student Organization Code of Conduct and are not exempt from disciplinary action.

Event/Meeting/Activity Registration

Due to the inherent risks associated with in-person gatherings and the challenges associated with navigating ever-changing guidelines during the COVID-19 pandemic, the UW-Stout Recovery Team is requiring student organizations to register all events, meetings and activities.

  • All meetings, events and activities (virtual & in-person) must go through the registration and approval process via CONNECT.
  • If hosting an in-person event/meeting/activity, you must first make a tentative reservation before going through the registration and approval process.
  • Virtual events will be approved within 1 business day, but still need to follow the registration and approval process.
  • Organizations must submit their events prior to advertising or receiving funding (2 weeks minimum), with internal organization events requiring a minimum of 3 business days in advance to allow time for review.
  • Recurring events (i.e. weekly meetings) only need to be submitted for approval once as long as you set up your meeting as a recurring event in CONNECT.  However, the system will send you back through the approval process if you change anything in the event settings.  Contact the Involvement Center if you need assistance with recurring meetings.

Steps to Register your Event/Meeting/Activity

NOTE:  Requesting space is a separate process that must occur before registering an in-person event/meeting/activity.

Step 1 | Create your event in CONNECT

Just as normal, student orgs should create all events, meetings and activities within their Group Page of CONNECT - both virtual and in-person.

Learn how to create an event

Step 2 | Begin the Event Registration form

After an event is created, you'll automatically be directed to this form. Depending on the answer you provide for type of event (i.e. virtual or in-person), you'll be directed to the appropriate questions to answer.

Step 3 | Submit the form

Answer the questions related to your event safety plan to be able to conduct your event/meeting/activity within guidelines.

Step 4 | Your submission is reviewed

Depending on your event, it will be reviewed by the appropriate staff on campus.
Virtual events are reviewed within 1 business day.
In-Person events are reviewed within 3 business days.

Once an event/meeting/activity is in review, it will be assigned one of three (3) statuses. Event creators will be notified via a CONNECT chat message if their event is approved, requires modification, or is denied.  Please be sure to watch your CONNECT chat notifications for these important updates. If you are unsure if you event will be approved the quickest way to find out is to follow the process.

Approved Status

Approved events can move forward in the planning process. Reservations will be moved to confirmed status. Submissions for posters, Campus Life Today, and digital signage can be approved.

Requires Modification Status

Events/meetings/activities in this status, must supply additional or modified information in order to be reconsidered.  These events cannot confirm reservations or move forward with their planning at this stage.

Rejected Status

These events cannot take place at this time. Any orgs that do move forward with an event/meeting/activity that was denied will be held accountable via the Student Org Code of Conduct.

COVID-19 Tabling Guidelines

Sales tables within the Memorial Student Center and Price Commons will be available. However, the following guidelines are required.

  • All tabling requests must first secure a tentative reservation from the Conferences & Events Office in the Memorial Student Center (See Reserving Space above).
  • Tabling requests must then be submitted through registration and approval process on CONNECT.  If approved, your reservation will be moved to a confirmed status.
  • Current face covering guidelines must be followed.
  • At the start of a table reservation, the person staffing the table can check out a cleaning kit from the Conferences + Events front desk (214 MSC).
  • A bottle of hand sanitizer (provided in the cleaning kit) will be available if you'd like it on the table during the entire reservation.
  • Food/bake sales or any kind of food distribution will be allowed at this time.

Advertising Your Event

Advertising your event is one of the most important parts of planning an event. Don't forget to take advantage of the resources available to you! As a reminder, student orgs are not allowed to advertise their event until they have received an approval status through the registration and approval process on CONNECT.

Campus Life Today

This daily email is sent to students Monday—Friday during the academic school year. Recognized student organizations can submit an event to be in the email (for up to three days)

Submit to Campus Life Today


The Involvement Center will print posters for each organization event. Posters must follow all guidelines and be submitted at least 10 business days before the event.

Poster Printing Request

Digital Signage

Advertise an event on the digital signage  in campus buildings. Student orgs can run their ads for up to 10 days. Ads must be landscape with a resolution of 1920x1080 pixels.

Submit your Ad

Contracting Outside Speakers/Performers

If you want to have a speaker or performer come to campus, you must follow the university's contracting procedures. This year, the contracting process is included within the Event Registration process for analyzing your event's risk related to COVID-19.    This will be coordinated through the Event registration and approval process.

Event requests must be made at least four weeks prior to the event on CONNECT.  This time allows for the approval of your risk management plan, in addition to the exchange of documents, signing, payment and processing of your contract. Without a contract completed prior to your event, your organization is liable for payment and expenses.

Contact Ryan Leckel for questions on all performance contracts.