Ice Breaker Ideas

Looking for ways to bond with your org members?  We offer a variety of ice breaker ideas that you can do as a group to help you become closer and get to know each other better!

Many of the ice breakers listed below don't need any materials or need limited supplies that you most likely have on hand already.  A few of the ice breakers are available for checkout from the Involvement Center.

Ice Breakers to Check Out

Here are the ice breakers available for checkout at the Involvement Center.  Use the checkout form below to reserve one for your org.

Rapid Fire

Directions: Toss a soccer ball filled with questions around a circle, When you catch the ball, answer whatever question your thumb is on.

Materials Needed: Soccer ball

New Ties

Directions: Sit in a circle, the starting person holds the end of the rope and says something fun about themselves. Then toss the yarn ball while still holding the end of the yarn to someone and have them say something fun and toss the yarn to someone else.

Materials Needed: Rope

Jenga Breaker

Directions: Set up the Jenga stack. Each stick has a question written on it. When someone pulls out a piece, they must answer the question before the next person goes. Whoever makes the tower fall, must answer all the questions.

Materials Needed: Jenga Set

Blind Trust

Directions: Use the squeaky toys to set up an obstacle course. Everyone is in a group of two. One person is blindfolded and the other partner has to guide them through by shouting directions so they don't step on the toys.

Materials Needed: Squeaky Toys, Blindfolds

Friendly Debate

Directions: Break everyone off into groups of two. Draw a question to debate from the stack of cards.

Materials Needed: Debate questions

Word Expressions

Directions: Everyone draws a card that has a word written on it. The person must tell the group how this word could describe them.

Materials Needed: Word Expression Cards

Perfect Pairs

Directions: Grab an index card, but do not read it. Have someone tape the card on your back. Go around the room and as describing questions to guess what your word is. Once you figure out the word, try and find your perfect pair. Once you find your partner ask the following questions: What is your major? What animal describes your personality?, if you were stranded on an island, what would you bring with?

Materials Needed: Perfect Pairs cards

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