Daniel Johnsen (he/him) - AFM


Lauren Couves (she/her) - MC


Jerett Flynn (he/him) - Fleming Hovlid


Abbi Williams (she/her) - JTC


Payton Ness (he/him)  Wigen


Dominick Konkel (he/him) - TO


Julia Hellquist (she/her) - CK


Niko Tosh (he/him) - HKMC


What the ARCs do

The Academic Resource Coordinators work closely with Housing and University staff and faculty to implement success strategies and foster an academic environment within the residence halls for student residents. ARCs are key in making the residence halls supportive places to live and learn. Their efforts include:

Talking and outreaching with residents

Providing academic coaching
Performing outreach rounds in the residence hall
Hosting (virtual) study hours in the residence hall

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can contact an ARC?

Any student living in one of the residence halls at UW-Stout can contact an ARC and ask for assistance with how to find academic resources and academic study strategies.

What is the best way to reach my ARC?

ARCs check their Stout email accounts every day, so that is the best way to contact them. Remember that they are students, too. They will respond to you within 24 hours and often sooner.

Should I be worried if I receive an email or text from an ARC?

No, not at all. The ARC reaches out to many students to see how they can offer assistance which is tailored to you. The ARC will engage you in conversation to find out how the semester is going for you and see what resources and assistance will help you be as academically successful as possible.

I live in Red Cedar; which ARC can I contact?

You are able to contact any ARC living on North Campus, for example in Wigen, JTC, or FH.