Mon, Mar 7, 2022

11 AM – 12:30 PM CST (GMT-6)

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The excitement of finishing college is often replaced with the reality and pressures of starting your career. Where do I look for a job? Why is this application so long? How to prepare for this interview? Wait….what?! I just got a job offer! Now what…

If you've successfully navigated the application and interview journey and received that job offer, it is a call or email that can change your life. But it can also create a realization that you have no idea what a good salary is, or even a clue about benefits or retirement. No one ever taught me this stuff!

Well, today is the day! In this workshop, we will walk you, and talk you, through the important aspects of an offer letter, salary projections and potential negotiations, the mountain of potential benefits, and how to make decisions that will ensure you get the pay you deserve and the benefits that will let you successfully launch into the start of your career.

Join Student Support Services Director, Angie Ruppe, and Career Counselor, Anthony Goettl, as they demystify the ins and outs of the finish line of your job seeking marathon. After this workshop, you'll be more informed, strategic, and confident in your ability to make decisions about your job offers. What are you worth? Well, let's talk about it.

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