Fraternity/Sorority Interest Form

Additional instructions for the previous question. Incoming freshman please indicate your high school cumulative GPA. Students transferring from another university or college should indicate their cumulative GPA from the most recent semester attended. Please note that chapters may request verification of the GPA indicated to ensure eligibility for membership prior to extending an invitation to join.

Important Information about the next question. As a potential new member of a sorority/fraternity at UW-Stout:

- I understand that completing this form is a required step for all students interested in Fraternity/Sorority Life, but it does not guarantee an offer to join an organization. 

- I hereby give permission to the UW-Stout Registration and Records office to release my term and cumulative GPA to the organization advisor and/or the Involvement Center professional staff working with my organization. The advisor/staff may, in turn, release my term and cumulative GPA to my organization's national chapter, academic chairperson, president or other relevant parties requesting them for academic compliance, survey, or awards purposes. Permission is granted for the duration of my membership in my respective fraternity/sorority and my enrollment at UW-Stout.

- I understand that membership in a fraternity or sorority comes with financial obligations such as annual dues. I may request information about such financial matters from the chapter(s) before joining.

- I understand that members of fraternities and sororities are engaged in a variety of required and optional activities, to include campus and chapter events, community engagement, and philanthropy. 

- I understand that hazing is strictly prohibited . If I join a chapter, I will commit to preventing hazing and I will report suspected hazing to the Fraternity/Sorority Advisor and/or Dean of Students Office. Hazing is any mental or physical requirement, request, or obligation placed upon any person which could cause discomfort, pain, fright, disgrace, injury, or which is personally degrading.